Friday, 8 May 2020

GCSE AQA Languages speaking exam walk-through

I have prepared a presentation which walks pupils through the process of taking a GCSE language speaking exam.

It took a long time to prepare and record, so I would be delighted if it could be of use to others who may want to adapt it to give their own 'voice' and to match their own circumstances.
This is offered freely, so it must not be adapted for commercial purposes.

Thank you.

Here's a link to the PowerPoint presentation.
Here's a link to the script.
Here is a link to a Microsoft Quiz duplicate.
Here's the video uploaded to YouTube.

I recorded this with a Samson C03U microphone (about 10 years old).
I edited it in Camtasia.
Once you have used Camtasia, it is difficult to adapt to other recording options!  I have been spoilt.
If I were naturally more fluent it would be OK, but I'm not, and I have to edit!

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