Saturday, 16 December 2017

My MBE experience (1)

Thanks so much to all those whose kind words have led to my appointment to the Order of the British Empire and to those who have shared my pleasure in the whole experience!

I will write more about what happened over the coming weeks, but meanwhile I am uploading a picture so that the lovely lady who works on a Saturday at Felicity Hat Hire, West Wickham, can see my delight at her recommendation!  I know that you are planning to join the teaching profession, and I am sure that you will do well, but the hat shop will be losing an excellent employee!  Thanks SO much for your patience and your excellent advice.  (And thanks to Susan Bullock who recommended this wonderful shop to me!)

This is my photo, so can be embedded somewhere else if needed:

These photos prove it really happened!  They are supplied by a different photographer.  I have paid to be able to display them here as 'news', but they should not be copied / embedded anywhere else.

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