Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Happy New Year everyone!

I do hope that you are going to be able to join us at our 'ALL London January Event' this year on Saturday 17th January, 10-1 at SOAS, University of London. Here is a link to the ALL London website where you can see more information and download an invitation.

How do you join?

Here is a link to 'signing up' on Eventbrite.  Please download an invitation from the website if you prefer to use mail / cheques!

Where is it taking place?

SOAS are generously hosting us again.  We are so lucky to be in such a central place, easy to get to, and close to other attractions for later visiting / shopping.

 Who is it for?

We are especially looking forward to having more primary teachers with us, as every session will have something for both primary and secondary teachers/trainers.  It is also a time when we love to welcome students to our 'main' event.  We met over 120 students at our October reception, and very much hope that they will come along!  It is free to student members and student non-members can come at a reduced price.  (The same price as teacher members).

What is on offer?

The committee will be sporting brand new sweatshirts, and Stéphane Derône has done a great job in recruiting sponsors to subsidise out refreshments, so you will be able to browse through excellent resources while chatting and drinking in breaks.  Sponsors include Maison Claire Fontaine, Vocab Express, OUP .. and  Linguascope will provide bags and freebies for us all!

 In the first short session, you will be able to choose between primary and secondary 'up-date' sessions when we will give 'the big picture' of everything you need to know (curriculum - requirements - OFSTED - examinations etc.)!  Nick Mair and I will lead the secondary session, and Nadine Chadier and Sylvie Bartlett-Rawlings will lead the primary session, including some input from Peter Downes.

 In the second session, SOAS are going to show us what they can offer schools in the form of a short lesson in Indonesian for all participants.  This will be fun as well as educational, and delegates may be interested in asking SOAS to be involved in their schools to spread interest tasting 'different' languages.

In the third session, we are delighted that the incredibly popular Steven Fawkes will talk to us about using authentic texts at both primary and secondary level.  His sessions are always thought provoking, practical and highly entertaining.  You cannot miss this opportunity!

 The morning is rounded off with a choice. 

·         Nick Mair will offer his extremely helpful session for student teachers on getting prepared for interviews / CV writing etc.  It is  really useful to hear what a school manager is looking for when interviewing.

·         Peter Downes will give more information about a realistic way of providing languages in the primary setting, whatever the expertise of the staff involved.  Our own committee member Anette Corbach speaks very highly of this approach, and Peter is very committed to helping teachers and managers.

·         Otherwise, you can come along to the Annual General Meeting to monitor how we are running the branch!  (We will not be offended if you choose one of the other sessions!)

Please sign up soon to benefit from an early bird rate.  (It will be £5 more after next Monday).  See you soon!  Helen (Helen Myers  ALL London Chair)

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