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ALL London June Event: 14th June 2014

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ALL London has organised an event with some great speakers for Saturday June 14th 2014 and I am writing to give people links and a bit more information.  It has been in the diary for many months, but we now have more precise details.

You can  see the invitation online here:
You can register online here:

I really hope that as many as possible can come along.  The speakers really are excellent, there is something for absolutely everyone and the venue is big enough to take lots of people!  SOAS is a great central place to get to, and the Brunei suite is really lovely!


To be honest, most people usually apply at the last minute and that puts a great deal of stress on me because we have to guess at catering needs, and I worry about that a lot (people need their coffee!!!) .. so this time we have tried to give you an incentive to tell us by the previous Sunday if possible and pay a bit more if you don’t.  So please apply by midnight on Sunday 8th June if you can!!  Of-course there is no problem if you come on the day, but the extra you pay would go towards the fact that I will probably over-order! (if that makes any sense at all!)  We’re all volunteers – this is not a money-making venture, but we don’t want to lose money!


I heard Tim Crapper with his colleague 2 years ago at the SSAT conference and asked him straight away if he would speak for us.  What is so nice is that he is so modest in about what the department has done, and he makes you feel as though what they do is replicable.  Whether or not you care about being ‘outstanding’ for Ofsted, you will definitely get some ideas and encouragement from this talk I think!
Colin Christie now works at the Institute of London and kindly allows us to introduce ALL to London-based students in October.  I have heard him several times, and he has some great ideas for using target language in the classroom in a sustainable way.  I was so pleased when he agreed to come and give us a talk.
Liz Fotheringham is on our committee.  I have already seen the slides she has prepared for her talk.  Although her session is particularly to try to draw in teachers of lesser-taught languages into the fold of ALL London, I would recommend the session for any languages.  She will present a lovely collection of ideas, including how she has applied Rachel Hawkes’ and Greg Horton’s ideas to her lessons.
I booked René Koglbauer some time ago, well before we knew that he was going to be ALL President next year, so we are especially lucky to have him .. I have tried for some time to get him to talk for us, but the dates have often not been possible for him.
And finally, Teresa Tinsley has arranged for a session from the British Academy about how you can bid for money to promote languages (14 awards of £4000 each).  The deadline for that is tight, (June 30th)  so you may want to have a look at the site before coming along for some extra ideas / tips.

Stéphane Derône has organised an exhibition, so you will have a chance to browse through resource at the same time as catching up with everyone and making new friends.  If you have anything particular to share/ ask about, you can shout it out /advertise during the ’marketplace’ slot! (I haven’t quite worked out how we will do that yet .. any ideas?!)

Please come, and please tell people on this forum and elsewhere if you are coming!
See you soon I hope!  (I come back from a week in Normandy with 3 coachloads at 9pm the previous night – will try to be awake!!!!)
Helen Myers
ALL London Chair

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