Sunday, 20 October 2013

Language Show Live 2013: ICT Round-up and Highlights. Presentation and hand-outs.

Thanks to the organisers of the Language Show Live for offering me the opportunity to present at the show along with my colleague Simon Tunmore.

The ICT world is constantly expanding, and there are always many new ideas to share, but we never forget to mention the 'tried and tested' technologies, and we try to avoid 'The Everest Syndrome' cited by Graham Stanley in his superb book 'Language Learning with Technology'.  (By the way, when you look at the picture on the front of the book, doesn't it look a bit like Everest!?!)

I will list the specific references we made in our talk in a document over half term.  (The slides have personal images embedded, so should not be uploaded.)

Here are documents to accompany our talk:

Ashcombe ICT Languages Reference Document containing key contact information, a summary of the underlying approach to management and pedagogy, and references and links to the vast majority of the technologies we use.  I have included all the references made in our talk, but will make a separate one over half term.

Guide to setting up a Google Site

Miss Myers Learning Languages Google site

Guide to setting up YouTube playlists

Guide to using songs in class (the last page a summary of Isabelle Jones' wonderful work!)

Stromae 'Alors on danse' worksheets

Stromae 'Formidable' worksheets

Stromae 'Papaoutai' worksheets

Wise Guys 'Nur für dich' worksheets

ALL London Diary 2013-14

Invitation to Greg Horton Special - 30th November 2013

Invitation to The Aschombe School ICT Days.

If I have missed anything out, please tell me!