Sunday, 24 February 2013

Euronews current affairs video clips + transcripts

Once upon a time I visited Richard Hamilton and was really impressed at his use of recordings of satellite TV as a regular 6th form task.  He especially recommended Euronews as it has the identical news stories in all languages including English.

I confess that although we had satellite TV at school, I did not use it as much as I should have done .. it was not straightforward to record and distribute.  (I lack Richard’s charm / organisation when it comes to this sort of thing .. I expect you had some paid diligent child workers to do this for you, Richard!!!)

Now I am delighted to discover them on Youtube.  I am sure that others have discovered this and shared, (I have had lots of reasons to be a bit out of the loop just recently and there are thousands of unread emails in my mflresources, and even more thousands of tweets missed over the years!!!) – so I fully expect replies to be ‘yes. I’ve been doing this for years!!) ……

…. but I am delighted with this find, following up a really useful tweet from Mark Parrott aka profquoi on Twitter (a must-follow, and such a nice man, who instantly went to a great deal of trouble to help me when I failed to work out how to access the transcript!)!)

Selected items from Euronews are uploaded and transcribed on Youtube (yes .. transcriptions available!!!)

I found it easiest to find the ‘uploaded videos’ address . that way you get the most recent on top (as opposed to the playlist) .. but playlists may be more straightforward to reference if you are setting work for students.  (I love playlists!)

To get transcripts, click ‘about’ then ‘more’
I have left full addresses rather than embedding hyperlinks.

For French:

For Spanish:

 For Italian:

For German:

For English

 For Portuguese:

For Russian:
So, that’s my starter / breaker / finisher sorted for a while!!!!


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