Sunday, 25 November 2012

SSAT Conference 2012 (2) : Bernadette Young and Dan Belcher

Welcome and introduction – Bernadette Young, Headteacher, Royds School Specialist Language College + Dan Belcher, SSAT.
Bernadette spoke extremely highly of the languages staff at her own school and made us all feel better about ourselves through reminding us of all the very wide range of skills and attributes which teachers use on a daily basis (actor, manager, writer etc etc) and of a national context which does not make things easier for us.   Link to ppt to follow.

It is heartening to know that there are Headteachers like Bernadette, who look further afield than their own school and  join with other heads to ‘represent’ the languages perspective at a ‘higher level’.   Thanks Bernadette for the extra work you do on our behalf and for the overt support you give teachers.

Dan Belcher

Two fun and productive ‘ice-breaker’ activities.  (1): Two truths and a lie (or something like that!).  Tell your neighbour three things about yourself.  Two are true one is not.  The neighbour has to guess which is the lie.  (2) On one post-it write a resource which you would recommend to others; on the other write what your biggest challenge is at the  moment.  Pass to different sides of the room for display and eventual transferral to document.

Dan proved to be the perfect ‘host’.  Pacey, lively, supportive, and a man with an interesting lifestyle judging by the ‘truths’ he shared about himself!
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