Saturday, 1 September 2012

Publishing an audio file on YouTube. Example: BBC Surrey News; Item on English GCSE Grades

I wanted to publish an audio file on YouTube.  To do this, you can make it into a video by attaching the audio to an image. The result is embedded above. 

I wanted to show how it could be done with tools which are generally accessible and free to anyone who has a windows computer.  (I have paid for and use Roxio Easy Media Creator usually.  This allows for finer editing and is especially good for adjusting audio levels when combining video and audio tracks.)

This is how I did it, and I'd be happy for any more advice if there's a better way!  Many thanks to Twitterfolk who helped me along the way with suggestions: @ebd35 (Mary Farmer) who retweeted my plea; @foxydaz, @claganach (who has a great blog links to how to use Movie Maker) and @teacherphili (Phil Longwell) who came up with the magic answer!

1. I captured the audio from the net using Freecorder (I am about to investigate Radio Sure)
2. I found the recorded file (the default location is within the program folder; you can change this through 'settings')
3. I edited the audio using Audacity (imported audio into a project then exported as an mp3)
4. I made a 'video' of the audio with Windows Live Movie Maker

To make a video by combining audio with a single image:
  • Save project (tab to the left of 'home') (and keep saving as you go on .!!)
  • Home / title / add title
  • Type in text you want to be on display to accompany the audio
  • Home / snapshot / save snapshot into folder of your choice (this creates a still snapshot of the title - Roxio lets you add a frame and text, but I can't find that option in WMM Live)
  • Remove Title
  • Home / add music (navigate to find your audio, then select)
  • Project / fit to music (thanks so much to Phil Longwell for this info!)
  • 1st tab / save movie / for a computer (name - it will save as a wmv file)

5. I uploaded the video to my YouTube channel  (upload / select files)  NB While uploading, give title and description, select a category, and click advanced to disable comments and ratings if you prefer this)

6.  I embedded tha video in this post (YouTube / share / embed | Then switched to 'HTML' view and paste code.

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