Sunday, 4 March 2012

French Vocabulary Film on YouTube: How to ...

I have just published a French Vocabulary film on YouTube on behalf of Mr Tunmore and myself.
I hope that we'll be making some more.

So that I don't forget how we did it, and so that others can do the same if they want to, here's the timeline:

1. CHOOSE YOUR WORDS - Select 32 words

Make an audio track (intro 32 segments of 4 seconds for French, 4 seconds for English end)
Import track into Audacity
Plug in integrated microphone and headset (external microphone had time delay when processing)
Do sound test for appropriate volume (check recording level of input device)
Play track and record separate French-only track using integrated microphone
Play tracks and record English-only audio track

If you know a clever man like Mr Tunmore, leave it to him from now on . he will export the tracks separately and mix them with his fancy equipment. . otherwise, read on ..

Play all and adjust individual volume level of tracks to get the balance right between voice and music
Save the project
Export as an mp3

Write words in a word document or notepad - a word per line
Set list to 'level 1' text (view / outline / select 'level 1' from drop-down [default usually 'body text']
Send to PowerPoint (File / send to ... / Powerpoint)
Edit master slide so that word appears large in centre (View / master / slide master / drag title to middle and adjust font)
Add background / frame (choice available at - (insert / picture from file .. then browse to select .. adjust size, right click / order / send to back)
Save each slide as an image (file / save as type / scroll to for example png portable network graphics / in response to prompt, export every slide)


Select your favorite video maker e.g. Windows (Live) Movie Maker
I use Roxio VideoWave. Principles the same but Roxio costs and allows for finer editing.

Open new project
Import images (the png files)
Import the audio
Apply transitions (I selected 'pot luck')
Set the time for each slide (for me it was 2:40 without transitions, 3:04 with transitions .... don't ask me why!!!)
Play through and trim slides for timing to fit with the beat
(this took ages and I need advice on how to do it more efficiently .. surely with a constant midi-generated beat it should have been possible to do it more automatically?!)
Save the project

Get critical friend to look at it all!

6. Render the video (Export it )
Roxio gives loads of options for rendering the video. I chose 'play on another PC' and for some reason it did not work (mpeg1). I then chose 'TV' and it did. (mpeg2)

I use my YouTube Channel. I have created a playlist ready to load up future videos so that learners can start the playlist and carry on listening to loads and loads and loads of vocabulary on a loop.

That's the idea, anyway!

Watch this space for how the videos will be made into Apps from The Ashcombe Website.

Mr Tunmore - inspiring idea over lunch and wonderful musicianship and sense of fun!
@joedale + @dominic_mcg - both helped on how to send text to a Powerpoint
@taskmaginc + @bellaale - moral support and making me laugh early on a Sunday morning
Flight of the Conchords - model for Mr T

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