Sunday, 1 March 2009

Satellite TV tips

Just planting this post here before I transfer it to mflresources... a contribution to a TES thread on how to access satellite channels ..

Done some more finding out to be a bit more accurate.
For those interested in following up how to receive FTA (free to air) channels
1) Which channels are on which satellites? See sites below: +
2) What equipment needed / how much? See magazine:
Suggest you buy one copy which you can order through the website - well worth it to get adverts for installers (£3.99 - Feb edition )
3) Summary for ML teachers
Lots of options but essentially you need a dish which is about £70, a bit of electronics on the dish called an LNB, cabling, a satellite receiver + fitting (magazine has adverts for companies who can organise all this for you)
The dish needs to be pointing at the correct satellite which for French is Atlantic Bird 3 at 5 degrees west (this picks up France 2,3,4 & Arte etc -see page 67 of Feb issue of What Satellite magazine)
Other languages and channels and langaugse are available on other satellites e.g. Hotbird, Astra 1 and Astra 2
4) BTW
Can I draw your attention to Freesat which is the delivery of Freeview by satellite - Astra 2 set at 28 degrees east .. this includes BBC HD. It is wonderful!


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